Wedding Celebrations



This wedding took place in the spring at the Foundry, a wonderful venue under the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge heading in to Queens. The event featured 130 guests and involved a full bar, passed hors d’oeuvres, a cocktail reception with stationary appetizers and a buffet dinner.

Weddings take a heightened level of preparation, as we need to prepare for anything to happen. From dealing with rain in an outdoor space (we had pop-up umbrellas ready for this event if we needed them) to a father who wants coffee at the beginning of the evening (as happened here), we are always ready to accommodate and deal with the needs of the bride, groom and their guests to ensure a perfect evening on one of the most important days in the lives of many people.

Many people don’t have huge budgets for the elaborate weddings that we see in the movies, but this particular event is a good representation of what we can do with a more conservative budget if the occasion is well thought out.

First, the space is great. The Foundry is quintessential New York City – it’s historical, in a nice neighborhood, with great architectural detail, wonderful outdoor and indoor spaces, and a top-rate staff. Because it’s outside of Manhattan, it tends to cost a little less than other event sites.

As for the catering, we concentrated on buffets to reduce service and designed self-serve bars with bottled beer and bottles of wine inside of the copper foundry tubs set in the dining areas. This was a great way to utilize the natural assets of the space while helping to save money on bartenders and servers.

We used simple flower arrangements, linens and China patterns to save money and concentrated on letting the glow and beauty of the space shine. This saved money on decorative aspects but also provided a great ambiance.

For the food, we customized a menu that was seasonal, and not overly complicated, but that the host and hostess felt they and their guests would enjoy. We concentrated on simple, flavorful preparations – something at which we excel.

From the Client

“We both agree that our wedding was spectacular, and working with you made much of that evening possible. Having thought about it a little bit, I’ve outlined some specific things I really appreciated.

While things just happened, you and your team executed the event without ever distracting me from my enjoyment of it. You were able to adapt to the unexpected.

I know that the timing of a few things got changed – partially inspired by my dad’s need for coffee! – but those changes were made swiftly and elegantly. That flexibility allowed the evening to unfold on its own terms without losing any of the elegance and fun that we discussed.

The food, obviously, was outstanding. I was grateful that you brought me a plate of appetizers. I never would have gotten any of them otherwise, since I was so busy talking to people. Your staff was very friendly every time I interacted with them.”


Hi everyone!
Thank you for your support over the past 20 years, Flavor Catering has closed.

We are so grateful for our amazing family of regulars and clientele that have contributed to our success and the great memories for so long. We are sad to say good bye.

Thank you from Flavor Catering