Galas and Corporate Events



This event is a cocktail reception for 1,200 people held in the spring. There are a number of challenges with this event that call on our experience and skill level.

All deliveries must get completed by 7:00 am, as the location shuts down to all vendor deliveries until well after the event begins. This requires a high level of coordination and planning.

Trucks start to arrive the day before. Multiple crews come in during the 24 hours prior to the event. Rentals are the first to arrive a full day prior to the event, and then the first shift arrives to start setting up a basic skeleton of the event and to organize and unpack all rentals.

Beverage deliveries are then received and organized. Decorative crews then arrive the night before to start setting up arrangements, trees and greenery around the event’s space, coordinating with the event managers.

The chef also comes by with a small crew to ensure the proper set-up and make last-minute adjustments to the kitchen before the day of the event. The late crew then arrives with management to set up buffets and bars.

The next morning, the full crew arrives to complete the set-up from 6:00 am to 11:00 am, chilling champagne for 1,200 guests, plating and arranging food on buffets and detailing the dining room. It’s a large, important event with a lot of nuances.

There is no kitchen facility. We set up a temporary kitchen that can accommodate the 16 workers who prepare all the food for the event from passed hors d’oeuvres to cheese and charcuterie boards to small-plated appetizers.

The facility is limited in terms of space. Since the guests can never be affected by the space’s limitations, the behind the scenes is critical – we need to stay well organized, clean and detailed. The guests can see in to the kitchen and storage areas, so cleanliness and organization are of the utmost importance.

The guests have spent years preparing for this day, and it needs to be well done from food and service to special requests and timing. It all needs to seem like it’s flawlessly arranged from when the first student passes by for her glass of champagne, until the last family member leaves for the day.

From the Client

“The service, quality of food, and attention to detail far exceeded my expectations. It was imperative that the event be first-class and executed flawlessly in a short time frame.

Based on this initial event, Flavor Catering was retained to provide meals to our guests on a daily basis.

Whether it is providing food for 30 people, or catering a 300-person luncheon, Flavor Catering takes ownership of the event and provides a service similar to what you would expect at a dinner party. No last-minute request seems impossible for them to accommodate.”


Hi everyone!
Thank you for your support over the past 20 years, Flavor Catering has closed.

We are so grateful for our amazing family of regulars and clientele that have contributed to our success and the great memories for so long. We are sad to say good bye.

Thank you from Flavor Catering