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Flavor Catering arrives at your event, no matter what time of day or night it is, and evaluates everything, while constantly providing our crew with feedback and continually talking to you to see if there’s anything you want us to adjust.

We are relentless – always willing to make changes that don’t affect your budget, no matter how small they are. The company recognizes that not all events are created equal, and we know that, on occasion, it may not prove possible to make a change due to budgetary constraints. However, oftentimes there is an alternative solution, and we do our best to find it.

This, in short, is the hallmark of our service. We do whatever we can to make our clients happy, so that we continue working with them for years and years to come. Our ability to plan and execute multi-day and multi-week events truly separates us from the competition. It takes a certain kind of knack to handle this type of setting – and it’s setting in which we excel.

Multi-Week Event Case Study

A large corporation hosts an annual new-employee conference for more than 100 participants. Flavor Catering caters breakfast, morning and afternoon breaks, lunches, and cocktail parties for these guests over a three-week span.

This type of event highlights our ability to really partner with a client and provide the highest-quality service, meals and overall variety that a company such as Deutsche Bank would expect.

These events are challenging, due to the early hours, logistical challenges and keeping things interesting for the guests throughout the multi-week period.

From the Client

“We choose Flavor Catering as our designated high-end caterer for the majority of the event series within our institution. I personally know the owners, both Craig and Jon Skiptunis, who dedicated their lives to providing an exceptional dining experience for customers of all levels.

Flavor Catering has been our partner for many years and since I joined, we’ve had a great two-year working relationship. Flavor Catering’s willingness to adapt a variety of menus, catering towards our multinational request, always brings me a great deal of surprises.

We cannot afford any mistakes, given the high profile of our participants and the importance of our client relationships. Given such context, Flavor Catering always proactively ensures that its staff and its menu are top-notch, consistent, and supplying only the finest ingredients to serve.

Because of Flavor Catering, we always score additional points with our clients and thus make them indispensable to us.”


Hi everyone!
Thank you for your support over the past 20 years, Flavor Catering has closed.

We are so grateful for our amazing family of regulars and clientele that have contributed to our success and the great memories for so long. We are sad to say good bye.

Thank you from Flavor Catering